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8/8/13 All About the Toys.. I mean Tools

Thursday. OMG, did a week pass? How did that happen? I never had a chance to update how last week’s dress rehearsal went. Mileage covered was 24 (was supposed to be 25) but I failed on nutrition big time. BIG time. I didn’t pack enough calories or water. I chose a much too difficult course (trying to prove I could do 25 miles of mountains in 8 hours — guess what? I can’t.) I have new respect when I look at numbers from last year’s race. I feel stupid asking how it could take someone 13 hours to do a marathon when it took me 1 hour to do the first 2.4 hours of the trail I selected last week. The water that was supposed to last me 15 miles lasted 8. (That’s twice that has happened to me.) I couldn’t eat while running (I need to take liquid calories — this is not news but I keep trying to live on dates and apricots and almonds and after 8 miles the last thing in the world I want to do is put food in my mouth.) So alas, it is the chemical route I go and tomorrow I will train with Carbo Pro G5 or C5 or something like that.

Crummy training week. Really feeling burnt. Did 8 miles on Tuesday and found myself wandering aimlessly in the woods. I was sick and didnt’ realize it until too late. Wednesday I woke up and found I was actually sick which bummed me out. I was supposed to do another 8 miles with my pack but instead I ended up just doing 1 1/2 hours with no pack on the mountain behind my house. The good news is I was flying without my pack. (The kind of flying I thought I would have done at the Color Run a month ago). My nutrients are running low. They have been fine up until now but I’m starting to feel that old familiar feeling. So out comes the Flora Dix, extra vitamins, the same old drill. I’m not replenishing in time.

On Sunday I had a nice hike with a friend and Higgins and my pack. We hiked up Mohawk Mountain. It was good. I was kind of slow and my friend (who doesn’t train and has MS btw) was doing better than I was. Then at the end she started to not feel so great (this was a long trek for her). I was glad to find I had the inner reserve to actually run ahead of her (after lagging behind for 5 miles) and actually ran to the top with Higgins to get the car to come down and meet her. She ended up only 1/2 mile behind us but still it felt good to know that if it came down to having to rescue someone I could summon some energy beyond my normal slog.

The winning socks are the Features Merino Wool (though I have one more pair I just ordered the Drymax Maximum Protection Trail.) I got the Pategonia and they are similar to the smart wool Phd – fine for 3-4 hours but not robust enough for the long haul. There needs to be a little meat in the sock.

Shoes are going to be the New Balance 910. Believe it or not I think I’m just staying with the Women’s wide. I have one more pair of the men’s but after several months now of having the Women’s 910 as my “default” shoe, I finally had to ask myself this weekend why I kept trying every other shoe on the market when really the unglamorous 910s have served their purpose from day 1. They provide me with ankle support. They have not caused blisters. They have wiggle room. I’ve been trying to get back to that pair of 903s from 2009 and they just don’t make them.

Tomorrow will be raining. (what else?) 25 miles. Have to get this nutrition right. I’m running out of time. I’m sick of training. I want a long nap. I want to put my feet up. I hate having to put my backpack on all the time. All that said, I got my new trekking poles and I think they are totally cool. Black Diamond Ultra trekking poles. very cool

Alright that’s it, off to bed. Tomorrow another 25. What else is new?


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8/1/2013 Dress Rehearsal

Thursday. Tomorrow I am doing a test run. Everything from my breakfast, to my clothes to what I eat and drink and recovery. 25 miles on wooded trails up and over different sides of the same mountain 4 times. Today I am tired so I hope going to bed — well about now sounds good but I’ll wait until it turns dark at least.

I just got my pair of Feetures Merino wool socks. I am SOOOO psyched about these socks. (Thanks Michele and Cat for rec). Of course I haven’t tried them — they will be on the test run tomorrow, but they are everything I’m looking for. The right thickness, merino wool which is just about the most perfect fabric out there, and every so slightly compressiony. I have been hanging onto my swiftwick but a little more cushioning wouldn’t hurt anyone — soft they are not. (Still waiting for the patagonia pair to arrive.)

My new running shoes are not here yet so I’ll be running in the New Balance which continually surprise me with how my feet hold up in them. Today I glued velcro on them so I can attach gaiters for tomorrow. We shall see. That was a pain in the neck, hope they stick. Hoping to avoid having to sew velcro onto my shoes.

For breakfast I am having exactly what I will be eating in the desert. I will have a Vega One chocolate shake (one scoop of powder in 1 1/2 cups of cold water, shaken not whirred). Vega one mixes really easily which will be a factor and I like the taste (not too sweet, not too chemically). It’s 140 calories. I will also be having a container of Vigilante Eats Superfood Coconut Maple Vanilla. The container is another 300 calories. Easy to mix, just uses cold water. Tastes good. Very nutritious. I will also have a cup of coffee.

During my “advenuture” I’m going to be trying to eat whole foods. I want to try to go as chemical-free as I can. I’ve been reading a lot about some of the scary stuff in the sports drinks and I think I just need the electrolytes and sodium then I’ll try to get some concentrated calories. It’s kind of hard to find stuff without maltdextron in there. I’m going to try warrior bars (made with chia seeds), almonds, apricots, dates, and a lara bar as well. I’m going to shoot for 250 calories an hour.

I’m doing half the recommended sodium. I have real worries about sodium so I think I will try 1 tablet at 9, 11, 1 and 3.

I’m up to 15 pounds in my pack now. I feel it but it’s doable. This week my daily mileage dropped down to 8 so I could get used to it. It’s pretty hard for me to run at all unless it is downhill. Yesterday I had to run/walk for 8 miles and I got it done but it was hard. It really was just training my legs to endure that stress. I absolutely know I can power walk faster. It’s funny because on Tuesday I went out with the same 15 pounds for 8 miles and it felt fine. It was the second day that hit me hard.

Shirt will be my new Icebreaker merino wool. Skirtsports shorts, Skirtsports skirt.

When I get home I will have my mashed potatoes, 3 tablespoons of hemp seeds, 1 tablespoon of chia seeds. And of course my recovery drink (Vega recovery). Lot’s of water, compression socks. Then get up on Saturday and do half the same amount. Is it Sunday yet?

Something interesting that has been rattling around in my brain. Over the last couple of months, two different people have commented on how hard it must be to train for these long races on my own. It’s funny it just never occurs to me that I’m alone. I am usually so lost in thought that time just kind of flies by. I have never thought of the alone time as any kind of burden. I think of the humidity as a burden, blisters as a burden, new weight in my pack as a burden, but training on my own? No that’s okay. And I don’t know how you would get to that magical place of the zone if you had to talk to someone. Besides I would probably just be complaining the entire time and annoy the other person anyway.

I have to do a quick spin on my bike and then stretch out. Oh yeah and that pesky work bit too… That keeps getting in the way.


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