10/4/11 On the Ball

Tuesday.  It’s been awhile since I updated.  Finshed my reboot (can’t say that was easy).  I’ve decided to continue on for awhile with no caffeine and no alcohol.  No set date, just until I feel right. I’ve had some dark chocolate which seemed okay.  I was shocked how quickly I zoned right back in on bread.  I have to knock that back out.  I’m focusing on eating whole, unprocessed foods but one of the first things I wanted when I got back to NYC was a bagel — carb addiction runs deep.  I’ve continued with the almost daily green juice.  Fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts and seeds.  One meal at a time.

Ironically with all this green eating, I’ve not been feeling very well.  Had a bout of anemia last week for my birthday and it looks like it is back.  Before I get emails yelling at me to take my iron, I’ve been taking it, every day.  As well as my B vitamins, Magnesium, Calcium and Milk Thistle.  (I paid for the Magnesium and Milk Thistle for my reboot and I figured I would finish with them.) (Oh and before a certain someone sends me an email telling me to eat a steak, fugedaboudit.)  I give myself until Friday and if I have not cured myself I’ll go to the doctor.  I may just have a cold coming on.  Or another theory is I might just need constant stimulants like coffee to feel okay.  I may just be one of those people who needs a daily caffeine boost or three.  Maybe my reboot was not hard because of the actual reboot, maybe I was under the weather the whole time.  I have my next set of blood tests on Oct. 26th so we’ll find out the deal then.

I had a nice birthday week out in Rhode Island.  Weather channel called for rain the entire week and we ended up with beautiful weather.  We also found out about a bunch of races that are held out there right by my brother’s house so we are planning on doing some of them next year.  “Crabman” and “Oh my Goddard” and “Do it in the Woods” are just some of the tris out there.  Of course there is my favorite “flat” course Firmman and on my birthday they have the ocean marathon.  So next year it I will be hanging out at Tri-Camp Matanuk.  We also found this really cool place called Burlingame Park with a gorgeous lake and an 8 mile running/biking trail around the lake.  That will be worth heading back to.  (I was a little under the weather so couldn’t do the 8 miles).

I played tennis on Monday with Marlie and though I didn’t feel I was hitting that well, I did feel good afterwards.  So good I decided to play tennis every day that I can until triathlon training starts. (Marlie rolling eyes at my lack of moderation.)  So I took a match this morning with a nice lady.  It was a good but not very challenging.   I just worked on my consistency.  I couldn’t hit very hard to her otherwise I would just blow her off the court (and that’s no fun for either of us.)  So I just worked on keeping it in and keeping it even.  I still won 6-1 without much effort (and I was p.o.d about losing a game due to my errant serving) but I would play her again because she is nice. She has potential.

I’m psyched for tomorrow because I get to hit with my old friend Nic.  Normally I would not even think of getting on the court with her in this shape but she’s injured and she just wants to hit, not play a game. I’m there. Just hit and run, I can do that.  If we had to play a game she would cream me and I wouldn’t be able to give her a good game.  She’s just in phenomenal shape and I need a lot of work to play at that level.  It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about having a good game and if I can’t run down three balls in a row, what fun is that?

So on a roll of 3 days in a row of scheduled tennis I called my old friend John.  I have a list of some really good players that are also really nice and John is on the top of the list.  It’s not that John hits so hard or blows me off the court with his serve, it’s that he is so freakin’ fast and never misses.  He has wheels.  I can hit my biggest winner into the corner of the court and somehow John is there and gets it back.  And back, and back.  And then he’ll hit a short angle shot, send me running into the next court and the point is over…. lol  But it’s always fun.  He just rejoined the club too and is happy to get back to some hitting.  We are going to play Thursday morning early.  We used to play every week years ago.

Tennis won’t actually be enough to get me in shape for IM season, BUT Tennis with another hour of swim, bike, run, plilates will be just perfect.  This way I don’t have to kill my knees with a lot of mileage but I will get some good cardio in as well as having some fun.   If I could get myself back into good enough shape to play some real matches, that would make me happy.  I don’t know when or where but I wouldn’t mind being called in for some of the old doubles groups I used to play with out on Roosevelt Island or up at Columbia.  I think just 2-3 weeks of hitting with people like Marlie, Nic and John and I’ll be good to feel competitive again.  (With a lot of sit ups, pushups and squats.)

I’m not thinking about Ironman right now.  I’m just thinking about getting healthier and having some fun.  I have a week off this week from being in CT and I’m taking this time to feel recovered and recuperated.  I have a couple of pros I have hit with in CT over the years and I would be happy to look them back up again. Though now I think most of them are in their seventies or eighties….

I was thinking a lot about tennis today and how it is the perfect sport for the ages.  There are so many levels and varieties of tennis.  I can play like I did yesterday with Marlie where she gives me a workout and I see how many overheads I can smash before I pass out.  I can play today with someone a little less strong and just work on keeping the ball in — no mistakes.  I can play tomorrow with Nic and just cream the ball as hard as I can for an hour.  And on Thursday get ready to run my butt of chasing down John’s shots.  There are so many faces to the game of tennis and I never cease to be intrigued by how our minds work on the tennis court.  Right now I am enjoying the best part of tennis — the social aspect.  It’s really nice to meet new people, laugh with the people in the clubhouse, keep in touch with old friends.  I’m not sure if the sport of triathlon will be with me into my nineties but I’m pretty sure tennis will.


This is the sunrise that greeted me through my bedroom window on my birthday morning.



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