6/20/11 Kripalu Redeaux

Monday.  I’m back Kripalu for an Ayurvedic Retreat.  Kind of a course in Ayurveda 101 or Ayurveda for Dummies.  Arrived yesterday and already feel like I’m overwhelmed with information. Want to jot down a few things before I forget.  There will be much more over then next five days.

First I just want to say I how much I love being at Kripalu.  I always feel like I have come home to “my people.”  This is my fourth time here and every time I have felt the immediate peace of being up here. So many like-minded folk and so interesting.  I also feel a real directive from the universe here.  Every time I come I meet so many people who are just the right person I need to be talking to.  I can ‘t explain it but I seem to just meet the right people at the right time.

Quick background is I have not been feeling well recently.  Too much work, too much partying, too much stress.  Underneath it all I was starting to crumble and although I was feeling I was putting in effort it was a finger in the dam situation.   A couple of weeks ago I was listening to one of those voices in my head and it was saying I needed to cleanse.  I needed to reboot.  I picked my nieces wedding as the marker.  I would get through the wedding and all the associated stress that goes with that and I would start my own cleanse.  No drinking, no eating out, no overindulging in anything.  That would be my running start to a week at Kripalu where I would really focus on me and feeling better. I’ve been intrigued by Ayruveda for some time but this would be my week to study it and really find out what this Ayruvedic stuff is all about.

Program started last night and I really like the instructor, she is the director of the Ayurvedic Institute here at Kripalu.  (If you want to be an Ayurvedic practioner, Kripalu is where you come.)   In a nutshell Ayurveda is the 5,000 year old health and wellness system.  It is a system of practicing wellness based on some Ayurvedic principles — mostly your Dosha or Type.  Ayurveda is considered the sister science to Yoga.  I don’t want to try to explain to much because I don’t really know and I don’t want to give out bad info.  Let me finish my first class before I declare my expertise.

I ate dinner with two yoga teachers and a cyclist.  Chatterboxes all of us.  (Kripalu is also a yoga school and people come here to get their 200 and 500 hour yoga certifications.  There are A LOT of really super fit people walking around here.)  I already have a reading list a mile long.  “Oh you HAVE to read… blah, blah, blah” comes out of someone’s mouth every five minutes.  After dinner it was off to our first session.  I was so tired but I went anyway.

First thing Hilary Garivaltis (the instructor) said was “I’m not going to teach you anything you don’t already know.”  I laughed as that was what Geneen Roth said at her course.  It’s true.  None of this is new, it’s 5,000 years old for goodness sake.  We all know we should eat slowly, eat healthy foods, be mindful.  But we don’t do it.  We get wrapped up in our crazy world.  Ayurvedia is about some living guidelines to help you do that.  Like Yoga it is a practice.  They have a lot of recipes for what ails you.  Some “rules.”   Not sure how I will do with them but I’m trying.  For example the no snacking between meals “suggestion.”

I’m up at 6 a.m.  We don’t meet for our morning walk to “Observe the Gunas in Nature” (I will find out what a Guna is and report back) until 7 a.m.  I’m supposed to drink one class of room-temperature water and then go for our walk. After our 1 hour morning walk we will have breakfast.  I’m hungry NOW but one other thing she said is in the back of my head “After about 3 days people start to feel what good health feels like.”  I want that feeling so I’m not eating until after our morning Gunafest.

The second thing that Hilary said to us was “You are already perfect. You may just need a few fine tunings in a an area or two.”

She also “Read” our pulses.  I don’t know what that really means but she told me I am a Pitta/Kapha.  I don’t know what that means yet either but stay tuned and I will be documenting my week at Kripalu U.

I’m late for my walk later.


“Yoga is the practice of tolerating the consequences of being yourself.”

Then Bhagavad Gita

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