2/19/07 Pulling it all Together

Monday.  Day of rest.  Actually I feel all better today.  Yesterday I forced myself to go out for my 1:40 steady state run.  I did my usual Sunday up through Riverside to the hilly part.  I didn’t make it all the way to the last staircase which I think I usually do for 1:40. I felt my pace was not my Riverside best BUT I did it without stopping and some moments felt strong and it was pain free.  Afterwards I felt revitalized so it was an okay run.  It was more about training my mind than anything else.

It was cold running by the river.  When I got down there at 11 a.m. I noticed there was nobody out there which made me a little nervous.  Was I the only idiot out running by the river?  Then I saw a group of fastie fast guys run by and I thought, okay, I better run fast like them to keep warm.  Well, run fast in my mind and heart at least.  There were very few runners out.  I think on the way out I saw one and on the way back I saw three — the third one being one of my teammates.  I was wearing my TriLife longsleeve shirt (over another winter running shirt) he was wearing his TriLife Jacket.  We could spot each other’s logos about a half mile away.  I laughed when I saw it was Rob because he was with a bunch of us who had dinner and went to a party the night before.

It was also funny because I had just been thinking about the Joel Friel bumble bee story Rob had told me back at training camp in Mohonk.  I had shared the story with some of the gals at weight watchers and it hit home for many of them and they loved it.  (The story basically ended with be like the bumble bee.  By all properties of aerodynamics it shouldn’t be able to fly but nobody told the bumble bee — it believes it can fly so it does).   I had just received an email from one of the WW gals asking if they could forward my email with the story to someone else and I had said sure.  So I was thinking about the email and the bumble bee and Rob and then all of a sudden — poof there he was running past me along the river.  How weird was that?  I know I keep saying it, but we really do have the nicest bunch of people on our team.

Although my muscles were pretty tired after the run, my energy was back 100%.  My worries about being too tired after simple workouts were relieved.  I didn’t need another nap although I did keep it kind of low-key all afternoon.  I didn’t feel that same kind of exhaustion I had felt the day before.  (Steph pointed out that I did get up at 4 o’clock in the morning and perhaps to be exhausted by 1 p.m. wasn’t so out of the ordinary.  She may have  a point there too…)

Yesterday my arms were killing me.  KILLING ME.  My upper arms were literally sore to the touch.  Jaime had said my arms would be hurting after Wednesday with my new pulling but it wasn’t really until after Saturday’s swim.  I’ve never had muscle pain in my upper arms.  (I guess that kind of goes along with the fact that I’ve never really been pulling very hard in the water).  I’ve felt “the burn” lifting weights in the gym, but they’ve never been so sore the next day.  Today they are better but still a little sore.  Could I really have not been using these muscles enough?  Kind of scary.   Even scarier is the swim workout with pushups returns this week!!  Of course Marisol was quick to email me “YOU BETTER DO YOUR PUSHUPS”  that girl cracks me up. 

We have some serious workouts coming up.  I know that because the coaches sent out an email saying we have some serious workouts coming up.  lol.  This week is a rest week.  Our workouts are not too intense.  Yeah right.  Tomorrow I have an EASY 8 mile run (rofl, I’m really laughing at that, easy 8 mile run), Wednesday we have a 1600 meter swim where we have to get out of the pool before each 200 meters and do 5 slow pushups (they are giving those of us who are embarrassed to do our pushups at the pool the option of doing 10-15 pushups every 400 meters instead, gee thanks!!!), Thursday we have the last of our speed workouts in Central park (4 loops), Friday another swim which is a repeat of Saturday’s swim session that left my arms pulsating for two days.  Yeah that sounds like a really light week of workouts, lol.  Oh yeah, and then there are the two strength training sessions in there as well.

Our week finishes with Training Camp Number 4 in New Paltz.  The focus of the weekend is going to be endurance where we have  4+ hour workouts each day.  The good news is no swim.  The other good news is it looks like we will be able to get an outdoor bike in on Sunday — possibly 50 degrees!!  The bad news is, Saturday is a 45 minutes Pilates/core session, 2 1/2 hour indoor bike and a 1 hour run outdoors.  (The indoor bike session will include intervals of 90% max heart rate – ouch).  Then Sunday we get up and do a 2 hour 15 minute run and a 2 hour + outdoor bike.   The sessions are designed to “stress body and brain.”  Nutrition is going to be key this weekend.  My new nutrition from  http://www.infinitnutrition.us (recommended by my other IM Guidance Counselors Donald and Anne Chris) should be here by then.  I’m anxious to start training with it.

I can’t say I’m nervous about training camp.  (I was petrified before the first couple of training camps).  I now know what each part can be like so I’m kind of prepared for long and hard but I will finish.   I’ve done the brutal bike rides in New Paltz, I’ve done the brutal runs in New Paltz.  They can’t get worse — just longer and put together.   I will hurt, but that’s okay.  We’ll have even longer workouts starting soon enough. 

They told us that some of us might get a little nervous when we see the March training calendar but it will give us an overall picture of what to expect going forward.  They also said some of us might be relieved.  I think I’ll be one of the relieved.  I like to know what lies ahead.  I know we haven’t been doing any distances yet that are ironman preparation level.  I know 6 hour bike rides are in my future.  I know lots of long runs and days of double workouts are ahead of me too.  I’d like to know exactly what is expected. 

So I am now taking my Monday rest days seriously (listening to Charlee).  I decided I’m not going to finish out the deep water running class on Monday nights.  I realized last week how taking a full day off really helped me to get through the rest of the week.  I’m going to schedule a massage for next Monday as I think those are going to become more and more important.

I’m feeling good about pulling this whole program together.  The mental aspect of focussing on the positive, meditation and controlling my mind, the physical aspsect of pushing, monitoring and then resting my body, the weight loss management which entails both mental and physical all kind of feed into one another.

What is really strange, however,  is how I don’t want to drink at all.  If anything I’m feeling a little apprehensive about it.  I’m afraid right now what it would do to me.  One glass of wine maybe, but I’m pretty sure if I had two glasses of wine, it would knock me for a loop.  So I don’t even want the one glass.  That may change, but for right now, I have zero desire for any alcohol.  That’s a foreign feeling to me but I think it would make me so tired and I just can’t afford that right now.  I need every ounce of my being put towards health.  I’m just not strong enough or fit enough to throw that into my body and fight it off.  At my age and level of fitness, there is no room for adding processing alcohol through my system.  Maybe if I was 30 and super fit I could have a couple of glasses like the kids were drinking on Saturday night.  For me?  In bed by 10:30 and I’ll have a tall glass of sleep please.  Of course, I know me, so I’m not ruling out that come March or April after a long workout I may say what I really need is a glass of wine, but so far that’s not happening.

I feel like everything is ever so slowly starting to pull together into new way way of being.  I’m excited about that.  I’m also excited Spring is coming soon.  This terrible cold weather will be gone (let’s face it though, we had really just the month of February with cold and that will be over soon).  Soon we’ll be riding outdoors.  The Spring races will be starting.  Only five months to Ironman…..  I am going to be ready.  I’m getting healthier and stronger both mentally and physically every single day.  And for that I am sincerely grateful and ready to rumble


Okay for spookiness.  I was just about to come up with today’s quote and was trying to think of something about pulling it all together and how one thing feeds into another and no kidding, my friend Mo literally just this second emailed this to me…..  Thanks Mo!

The thought manifests the word;
The word manifests the deed;
The deed develops into habit;
And habit hardens into character.
So watch the thought and its ways with care,
And let it spring from love
Born out of concern for all beings.”

 The Buddha

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