1/27/07 The Comeback

Saturday.  Day four of my cold. Yuck.  Not even a question about whether or not to go swim this morning — I would have drowned because I can’t breath.  I’m also not going to the team group bike because I just don’t think it is smart to go outside in the cold and get sweaty and then cold again.  If I stay indoors I think this will be gone in another 48 hours.  I knew when I went to bed last night that 24 wasn’t going to cut it.  Right now I am just praying it doesn’t go into my chest.

I’ll try to do a couple hours of easy indoor spinning on my trainer — not going over 70% heartrate.  Just getting in some time in the saddle.

So onto a more interesting topic.  How about Serena winning the Australian Open!!  Woo Hoo!!  Way to make a comeback!  Way to shut everybody up about being out of shape and not being a contender.  Kudos to Sharapova as well for being the only to acknowledge that Serena was a potential threat and knowing that she was fully capable of winning.  (BTW, I’m looking at pictures online and all I see are a bunch of muscles).

Serena has had a bad couple of years recovering from the death of her sister and was suffering through a long bout of depression.  Last year she sat out much of the year due to injuries.  Everyone counted her out.  I just love the fact that she came back and smacked the scowls right off the faces of her naysayers.  You just have to love that inner fortitude.  Nothing better than watching an underdog become top dog again.

Everybody can use a comeback now and then.


I love doubters.  I have a lot of people even close to me who doubt. I love doubters. More than anything what I love, besides obviously winning, is proving people wrong.”

Serena Williams

Rumble Girl, Rumble!

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